The architecture

Get a new perspective on the beautiful marsh through Danish architecture. 25 metres above the ground, the Marsk Tower lets you experience a 360-degree view of the uniquely beautiful marsh and the Wadden Sea National Park. Feel how the famous and fresh North Sea wind can simultaneously create calm and new thoughts.
Marsk Tower is designed by architects from the world-famous Danish design studio Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and consists of a unique construction, where the design is based on nature’s twisted structure and human DNA strand. It is both a sculpture and an observation tower and is shaped like a double helix and designed in such a way that there is only one way up and another way down.
The structure was built by a local company called Schack Trapper and is made of corten steel, which is both solid and robust. The tower’s natural dark colour is true to nature and therefore blends in with the surroundings, despite it being 36 metres above sea level and can be seen from several kilometres away. Marsk Tower is unique, eye-catching and natural all at the same time.
Marsk Tower will be a landmark for the entire marsh and the area of Skærbæk in Southern Jutland.

The experience

The Marsk Tower is a gathering point for the entire Marsk Camp, where everyone is welcome to go up and look at the spectacular views. Have a unique nature experience in Southern Jutland.
When you have climbed the 146 steps and landed on the observation platform, you are standing 36 metres above sea level. This gives a completely unique perspective on the otherwise flat marsh and a fantastic view over the Wadden Sea National Park.
As mentioned, the main construction consists of steps, but the tower will also have disabled access, as a lift will be integrated, so that there is access for everyone.
When the Danish weather is clear and sunny, you can enjoy the view all the way to Ribe, Sild and Rømø.
Marsk Tower is a must when you have to experience Southern Jutland!